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Deliverance Temple
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About Us

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Why we Exist

About some twenty six years ago the Lord Jesus Christ gave a simple radio announcer a vision. In this vision He let him know that he must reach the nation at any cost. Too many souls were on their way to a firey hell. Too many people had become involved in the works of Satan and too many of these people had no idea what they were doing! Doctor Michael Lewis followed the Lord's call on his life and even now the work continues.

Dr. Michael Lewis and Pastor Josephine Lewis

FSM/ Deacon Petit

Reaching People in Need

This organization is actively invovled in the feeding and clothing of the less fortunate persons in our society. Our Lady Josephine Lewis (Former Principal of Crystal Stream Government School )and her faithful assistant Forces Sargeant Major (FSM) Petit of the Trinidad and Tobago Regiment, collect food and clothes donations for hungry persons of all ages who need it. Even services from hairdressers and barbers are lovingly volunteered by the kind patrons who attend this church. In addition, this church has adopted schools in the immediate environ and provides them with hot breakfasts. If you would like to assist with your time, effort, or food and clothing items feel free to contact Lady Lewis at with the subject heading "Less Fortunate Assistance."

About Us