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Deliverance Temple
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"We Shall Believe the Report of the Lord"


On February 2, 2004, 5:20 pm, a baby girl (Joannah) fell from her parent's back porch approximately 15-20 feet onto the concrete walkway at the back of their home, crashing headlong into a clay/concrete plant pot. The baby, Joannah was then rushed to the hospital. The doctor told them that Joannah had four fractures (one behind her left eye). The baby bled profusely from her nostrils. After the CT scan the doctor explained that the babys brain was swollen by the trauma. By 5:27 pm Joannah was literally at the hospital and the speed at which the emergency department attended to her.

Joannah was unconscious by 6pm7pm she was then put into the I.C.U. Ward of the childrens hospital. Her mother called Dr. Michael Lewis from the hospital about 5:45 pm and left a message on his voicemail.


03 Feb 04 - Day #2

The mother of the baby awoke on this morning with a great desire to see her baby; even though she was not allowed to see her the night before in the I.C.U. At 5:00 am the Joannahs mom drove to the hospital. By this time Joannahs left eye was the size of a golf ball and had turned navy blue. The doctors were concerned of how pale she looked and felt that Joannah may have been bleeding from another source. Joannahs father and uncle had left the 1st night while other tests were being conducted and they were happy to report that there was no bleeding and NO BROKEN BONES!!


At 10:00 am the swollen eye reduced by 50-70%.

The report: - the babys color, pressure and heart rate was good. Her heart rate was about 114 and now it was 150. By this time, Dr. Lewis came and laid hands on Joannah and prayed believing God for a miracle.


At 7:00 pm Joannahs mother spoke with Jojos Doctor, who informed her that the baby was rapidly improving; however he reported that the carbon dioxide level was too high; being at 60 and that they were unsuccessful in reducing it. The Doctor also mentioned that they had seen something like (gas/fluid) and were not sure where it was coming from. The Doctor was cautiously optimistic and told them that Joannah would be monitored.

Joannahs parents brought her, her favorite dolls - Strawberry shortcakes, Barney and Hokey Pokey Elmo. The Nurse told them that while cleaning her, Jojo had opened her eyes and moved her hand. The nurse suggested that they should try and talk to her. The baby was heavily sedated to keep her still. From the moment they turned Elmo on --- Jojos shoulder started to move and her heart rate went right up....they had to turn him off immediately.

04 Feb 04 Day #3

By day three, the sedatives were turned off/stopped. The Carbon dioxide was at 37.50. At around 9:00 am, the nurse observed that Jojos arms and legs were was moving so they had to tie both arms. The babys father placed his finger in her hand and told her that Daddy was here....and she squeezed his hand (eyes still closed;) this caught him by surprise. He told his wife, Di, that Jojo had responsded to him. Di, Jojos mother then placed her finger in her daughters hand and then called her name. Di told her that Mommy was here and Jojo squeezed her hand.


At 3:00 pm Joannahs mother received a call from a very excited grandfather, who was just besides himself. He told Di that while he was there, Jojos eyes opened and that tried to talk to him but could not because of the tube in her throat, then Jojo began crying. He ordered them to hurry on down to the hospital to see for themselves. They saw for themselves the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living !


There is no telling what God can do, what he has done for others he will do for you. Believe God for your miracle. They do happen.

Jonnahs parents expresses their thanks:


Thank you Jesus for this miracle. Thanks to everyone who lifted this baby's situation before the throne of God. Thank God for all the Pastors and intercessors who continued praying. Thank you for the moral, spiritual and offers of financial support. Thank God for the free and professional medical services offered to children at the Eric Williams Medical ComplexChildren Hospital, Trinidad, W.I.


Join with them and give God some praise ....some crazy praise.... He alone is truly worthy to be praised.


Miami.....New York....Philadelphia....Trinidad & Tobago....Toronto.....Vancouver.....HEAVEN.

We say Thank You!